ZipBridge Overview – Read this first, then move to FAQ’s below as needed

ZipBridge is the new way to conference call – you launch the call for a Group from your smartphone, tablet or computer and we call you and the other Members of the Group simultaneously and put everyone on a conference bridge as they answer. Certain plans also allow you to send out a Group SMS or text message so you can announce the call or send out updates to the team.

Getting Started
You can start using your ZipBridge service as soon as you signup here at Once you select your Plan and place your order you will receive an email with login credentials. ZipBridge has a web-based app compatible with any smartphone or tablet for easy access to launch calls on the go. You can also launch a call to a designated Group using an optional “Zip Launch” phone number dedicated to your account.

Setting Up
ZipBridge calls out to Members in Groups you define. You can change and add Groups anytime. Once the Group is setup you add the Members with up to two phones numbers for each. If you have entered them before you can pull them from the ZipBridge Directory. The Cell phone is called first then the Other Phone and any number in the US or Canada can be entered.

Using ZipBridge
When you are ready to launch a call, log into ZipBridge and select the Group you want on the call. You will have the option to record the call, and then just tap or click “Launch Call” and all the Members of the Group are called simultaneously. You will be called as well and you join the call just like Group Members.If members cannot answer they are sent a text message and/or email with instructions for how to call in later. Need traditional inbound conference calling too, or want someone to call in and join an existing outbound call? No problem, each account has its own dial-in number and personal PIN that can be sent out to participants to call in and join a conference call. Tired of reading – check out the video below…See our website.



Do the people I call need to have a ZipBridge Account?

No, only one person needs to have an account and then add the people to call. When the person receives the call they just press 1 and are on the bridge.

Is there an app for Android and BB along with iPhone?
The ZipBridge mobile app is web-based so it will work with any mobile phone browser including iPhone, Android and newer Blackberry’s.

Can only the Account Owner launch a call?
Anyone who can log into the Account can launch a call and it can be launched from a smartphone, tablet or computer or by someone dialing a specific number – see below. The Account Owner is always called as that number is a default “Member” of every Group. So the Account Owner does not need to add himself as a Member of his Groups.

What is the Zip Launch Phone Number and how is it used?
You can add a custom phone number to your account which, when called, will call out to a Group and bridge them on a call along with the person who called the number. The Zip Launch phone number will ALWAYS call the first Group listed alphabetically in your Account. This can be ordered for an extra fee with your initial order or added later.

What if a Member misses the call?
If a Member of the Group misses the call on his cell, a Text Message is sent to his cell stating the Account Owner wants him on a Conference Call in progress and provides the dial in number and PIN if one is needed. ZipBridge will also try to reach the person at a second number if one is provided. In addition a Voice Mail is left on both numbers advising them of the call in progress.

Are there Leader and Participant PIN’s with ZipBridge?
Everyone on a ZipBridge call is considered a “Participant” avoiding the problems associated with call “Leaders”. As soon as two people join they can talk and not listen to hold music waiting for the Leader and if anyone drops off the call – even the Account Owner – the call stays connected for the others. If participants miss the call, or hangup and call back in, no PIN is needed if calling from one of their associated numbers.  A PIN is needed only for participants calling in from a number not associated with a Member in the Group.

With no PIN’s how is it secure?
The only people that can be on a call are people you registered in your Group or those that call in from an unregistered number and know the PIN which they get from the Text Message or from you. The Account Owner can change the PIN anytime to maintain security.

What if I want to not include a Member for a particular call?
Members can be disabled at anytime and will not be included on any calls until they are re-enabled.  They can still call into a call without a PIN like other Members.

Can calls be recorded?
Yes,  just select that option before launching the call.  Once the call is complete, go to Recordings within the App and have the recording emailed to you.  Recordings are only saved on the ZipBridge server for two weeks.

Are there limits or restrictions to any of this?
The number of Groups and Members per Group and free minutes per month are determined by your Plan. Outside of that, you can launch as many calls as you want and you will be billed at the end of the month for any overage minutes without service interruption. The number of total participants on a call is limited to twice the number of members allowed in a Group for your Plan.  So if your Plan allows 10 Members in a Group, the total participants in a call allowed is 20 – whether they are called in a Group or call in with a PIN. To protect against abuse or accidentally keeping legs of a call active, calls duration is limited to 3 hours. There is a limitation of one active call at a time per Account.  If a call is in progress and a second call is launched those participants will be added to the active call.

What if I want to add a Participant not on the call?
This can be done in two ways: 1) Contact the person and give them the dial-in number and PIN and have them call into the bridge, or 2) Create a new Group, add the person as a Member and launch a call for that Group. ZB will call the party and bridge them into the existing call when they answer.

Can I call out to international numbers?
Yes you can call out to international numbers with ZipBridge making it very easy and inexpensive for those participants to join a call. You can use ZipBridge to call numbers in Canada directly, but to call “offshore” international numbers you will need an international calling PIN from ZipBridge and you will receive a separate invoice for those calls from TouchTone Communications our carrier partner. More information can be found here.

How are minutes calculated?
The number of minutes used is the aggregate of all the minutes of all the participants on all the calls, including the Account Owner.

Is there a way to use ZipBridge like a traditional “dial-in” conference call?
Yes, ZipBridge works like a “traditional” inbound conference service as well.  The dial-in number and PIN for your Account are found under Settings and the “Leader” and “Participants” all use the same PIN.  So with ZipBridge you only need one service regardless of how you want to launch the call!