How are Emergency Responders using ZipBridge to improve team communication?

Connect to a Team in Seconds, Not Minutes

When an emergency arises, time is of the essence and getting in touch with key team members quickly is critical.

With traditional conference calling services, each person has to call in, enter a conference ID and PIN number just to get on the line with other team members. That means valuable time is being spent just trying to connect, rather than dealing with the crisis at hand.

Launch a Call Quickly and Easily

Our higher education clients use ZipBridge to streamline the process of connecting a team in an emergency – or for regularly-scheduled meetings. In both cases, the process is easy and quick.

  1. A member of the team launches a call by dialing their custom ZipLaunch number.

  2. ZipBridge simultaneously calls all members of the team at once and bridges them together as they answer.

  3. Any team members who do not answer are sent a text message and email with instructions on how to join the in-progress call.

Hear From Real ZipBridge Users

Read the profiles of one of our Emergency Response clients below to learn more about how ZipBridge has helped streamline their team communications when time is critical.

Brady Davis - Director of Technology
Brady Davis - Director of TechnologyCTEH
Our Experience with ZipBridge
ZipBridge has quickly become a valuable resource in our response toolbox. Collaboration is a critical component when responding to emergencies.

Getting a large group people together at a moment’s notice can be challenging. ZipBridge takes away the pain of logistics and lets us focus on solving problems with the situation at hand.

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