ZipBridge Hotline

With the ZipBridge Hotline, you publish a ZipLaunch Number for staff or customers to call in order to get an incident response team on an instant conference call.

When to use it

The ZipBridge hotline is perfect for a range of uses including:

  • Employee health and safety
  • IT outages
  • Facility issues
  • Critical Customer Support Issues

How It Works

  • Simply publish the ZipLaunch Number for staff or clients to call in case of emergency
  • Create a custom greeting and instruct them what digits to dial to reach the appropriate team – for example, press 111 for Employee Health and Safety Emergencies, 222 for a Facility Emergency, etc.
  • ZipBridge will call all the team members and bridge them with the caller as they answer.

The Hotline can also be enabled for a 1-digit quick call, which works to launch just a single group, ie “Press 1 for the Response Team.”

Hotline as a Ringdown Circuit

People are also looking at the Hotline as a replacement to ringdown circuits. This is when you have a phone programmed to connect to an emergency number when you pick it up. Now you can program that phone to dial the ZipBridge Hotline and conference a team. Better coverage, faster response and much lower cost!

The ZipBridge Hotline capability is available on Communicator Plans and above.

For information on the ZipLaunch Number, click here.
For instructions on creating a Custom Recording, click here (view FAQ #8).