ZipLaunch Number

A ZipLaunch Number is a dedicated phone number on your account used to launch calls. Any authorized individual can dial the number from their Contact List or Desk Phone followed by the ZipLaunch Code and the designated Group is called and bridged with the original caller as they answer. The ZipLaunch Number for your account can be found under Settings and is assigned shortly after you place your order for an upper level Plan.

How It Works

When you setup your Groups in ZipBridge you will assign each a 3-digit ZipLaunch Code as illustrated in Step #1 below. Then dial the ZipLaunch Number, followed by the ZipLaunch Code and wait a few seconds while the Group is called and bridged together.

How to Use It

We recommend you enter each Group as a Contact in your phone by entering the ZipLaunch Number followed by 2 pauses and the ZipLaunch Code. It will look like the icon in Step #2 below. When it is time to launch, just tap or voice dial the Contact and wait for the Members to join. Click here for instructions to add a pause with an iPhone or here with an Android.

Step 1: Set up your Groups along with the ZipLaunch Code

ZipLaunch Code Screen1

Step 2: Set up the ZipLaunch Number followed by 2 pauses in your Contacts

Add a Custom Greeting to your ZipLaunch Number

You can customize the recording people hear when they call the ZipLaunch Number. Directions for how to do this can be found in FAQ#8 at the link here. To see how you can use these custom recordings to turn your ZipLaunch Number into a Hotline, click here.