Client Testimonials

There’s no better way to convey the value of our service than to share feedback directly from our customers. The people who depend on ZipBridge to help them reach key team members at a moment’s notice speak from experience about how our service helps them communicate – faster and easier – when time is of the essence.

Robert Lukasiewicz, CPP - Manager, Physical Security
Robert Lukasiewicz, CPP - Manager, Physical SecurityESL Federal Credit Union
Our Experience with ZipBridge
“ZipBridge is a fast, easy-to-use, and very effective communications vehicle that enables our Security Communications Center to effortlessly connect to decision makers during an emergency situation or serious event. The conference call capabilities, combined with a text alert for multiple phones, the ability to call back to connect quickly and to connect separate call groups together, adds great value to this product.”

About ESL Federal Credit Union
Founded by George Eastman in 1920, ESL Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with $5.6 billion in assets. The locally-owned financial institution employs more than 700 people in Rochester, New York and, includes approximately 330,000 members world-wide. Access to the credit union includes 20 branch locations and more than 40 ATM locations.

Brady Davis - Director of Technology
Brady Davis - Director of TechnologyCTEH
Our Experience with ZipBridge
“ZipBridge has quickly become a valuable resource in our response toolbox. Collaboration is a critical component when responding to emergencies.

Getting a large group people together at a moment’s notice can be challenging. ZipBridge takes away the pain of logistics and lets us focus on solving problems with the situation at hand.”

About CTEH
The CTEH® team of experts specializes in emergency response and preparedness, crisis management, toxicology, risk assessment, occupational health, industrial hygiene, and environmental services. We assist with recognition, evaluation, measurement and control of chemical, physical and biological agents on human health and the environment.

Michi Dubes - Emergency Preparedness Manager
Michi Dubes - Emergency Preparedness ManagerBenedictine University
Our Experience with ZipBridge
We use ZipBridge to discuss issues that need the attention of our emergency team. It is quick and easy to get everyone you need on the phone to make decisions. The redundancies built in are also helpful. If you miss a call, you get a call on a second line. If you miss that, you get a text and an email. For non-emergency needs, we use ZipBridge as a true conferencing system to connect people from our main campus in Lisle, Springfield, Illinois and Mesa, Arizona.

About Benedictine University
Benedictine is a private, Catholic university founded in 1887 by the monks of St. Procopius Abbey. We provide our nearly 10,000 students with a values-based, liberal arts education that prepares them to succeed at work and in life. The University’s main campus is located in located in Lisle, Illinois, with branch campuses in Springfield, Illinois and Mesa, Arizona.

Chris Jones - Associate VP for Technology & Operations
Chris Jones - Associate VP for Technology & OperationsGordon College
Our Experience with ZipBridge
“We use ZipBridge for crisis communications. Before ZipBridge, we used a traditional phone bridge and it took 3-4 minutes to get everyone on the phone after we sent out text messages and emails about an
emergency phone call starting.

Now, we get most of our stakeholders on the phone in under 30 seconds. This can make a HUGE difference in an emergency!”

About Gordon College
It is our privilege, not just our responsibility, to create unique academic, co-curricular and relational milestones in the lives of our students. The Gordon experience creates context for knowledge gained, provides opportunities to apply what is learned and refines a broader purpose in each student’s life. Gordon College is located just north of Boston, Massachusetts.

Frank Perlmutter - President & Founder
Frank Perlmutter - President & FounderStrategic BCP
Our Experience with ZipBridge
“With ZipBridge, our ResilienceONE users gain instant access to their critical teams during a crisis with no phone number or codes to remember. Extending that value to our clients by utilizing the API to connect to the ZipBridge platform was simple to implement and has been maintenance free.”

About Strategic BCP
Strategic BCP has been providing prudent ways to manage risk, continuity, and resilience through innovative BCM software and consulting. The pride we have in our product and strength of our team is evident through continued industry recognition backed by customer success.

Joseph Loomis - Founder & CEO
Joseph Loomis - Founder & CEOCyberSponse
Our Experience with ZipBridge
“ZipBridge has been a powerful addition to the CyberSponse platform. The seamless integration has allowed our customers to save time, frustration and cause improved team communication without the hassles of dialing bridge numbers, access codes, especially for those team members who are on the go.”

About CyberSponse
CyberSponse is the next generation incident response automation and orchestration platform serving some of the largest brands in the world. We consolidate security alerts and tools via API connectors, so that teams can operate more efficiently, effectively and productively compared to conventional security methods.

Glenn Bostock - CEO
Glenn Bostock - CEOSnapCab
Our Experience with ZipBridge
“And the idea that in the past, where we’re waiting for people to arrive at the meeting. that’s all gone. We’re all in the meeting at the same time instantly. I highly recommend [ZipBridge] if you’re interested in efficiency.”

About SnapCab
Built on a foundation of innovation and quality, SnapCab pioneered the elevator interior system and continues to redefine it one cab at a time. They believe that renovating an elevator interior or installing an office pod or panels should be simple – and getting what you want should be even easier. With SnapCab’s streamlined approach and patented interlocking system your elevator interior, office pod or panels can be installed in a day or less. Our team knows that you’re on a schedule and takes every action possible to minimize cost while maximizing results.

Anita Eikens - Executive Director of Technology Services
Anita Eikens - Executive Director of Technology ServicesAlverno College
Our Experience with ZipBridge
“We use ZipBridge to call together our core Response Team. It allows us to easily and quickly text the group or to start a group conference call.”

About Alverno College
Alverno is one of the county’s largest Catholic women’s colleges and is dedicated to the success of its graduate. Alverno’s main campus is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they offer the traditional residential undergraduate experience as well as online, evening and graduate programs.