The ZipBridge platform calls out to pre-defined Members of different Groups and bridges them on a conference call as they answer.
Calls can be launched through: Smartphone Contacts | ZipBridge Mobile App | Pre-programmed Speed Dial | on Desktop
All outbound calls to Members reflect the same CallerID so it can be added as a Contact with a custom ringtone for easy identification by sight and sound that this is an important call to answer.

Members are all called simultaneously on their mobile phone
and if that is not answered:

  • A text message is sent with a link to press to join the call – no PIN needed.
  • An email is sent with dial in instructions – no PIN needed if calling from a phone number in the Group.
  • A second call is placed to another number – work, home or auto-attendant.
Bulk one-way SMS messages can be sent to Groups when accessing ZipBridge from the mobile app or computer.
Calls can be launched to new Groups and they will be added to the existing call. For example Security determines Executive Staff is needed, just launch that Group and they are added to the existing call as they answer.
Ad hoc participants can join by calling the ZipBridge access number and entering a PIN.

Calls can be recorded and downloaded as needed. Plans accommodate up to 15 Groups and 20 Members. Calls to international numbers are supported.

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