Click the “Sign up” link below to enroll the client in AMG Alerts Instant Conferencing service. A few rules for the submission:


1.  The “Name” at the top of the form is the Name that is displayed on SMS and Email alerts when a call is not answered.  Normally that is the Account Owner’s name, but in this case you might want to enter something identifiable like “The [XYZ] Response Team“.

2.  The email is the address to which a customized AMG notification of this enrollment is sent.  (A second confirming email is also sent to AMG.)  This email address is also the address that email alerts will be sent to every time a conference call is launched.

3.  Do not enter a cell or work phone.

4.  The User Name format is always AMG[CLIENT-ID].

5.  Do not enter over any of the fields that are pre-populated unless – see #6

6  If they are doing a 7-day Trial, add that to the “Where did you hear about ZipBridge?” field and make it:   AMG Alerts 7-Day Trial.

7.  Contact ZipBridge if you have any questions – or 469.249.3770.