ZipBridge is unparalleled as an incident response communication tool due to its ability to launch a reverse conference call in seconds from the web app, your phone contacts, a computer or desk phone speed dial.  But if you use ZipBridge for incident response it generally means you don’t use it often. That’s why we always recommend practicing a few times a year just to make sure your groups are up to date and everyone has the ZipBridge outbound conference call number in their Contacts and recognizes the call when it comes in.

Also  it is always better to give a heads-up if testing so people are not too inconvenienced to join a test or mistakenly assume a real call is a test.  If you have a Communicator or Big Talker Plan you can send out a Group SMS and let them know a test call is coming and to join if they can.  To make sure your ZipBridge emergency conference calls get to the right people when seconds count – practice when you have time to spare.