Thank you for considering ZipBridge – the new way to bring together the team at the outset of and ongoing during an incident.  Just select the Group and Launch the call and everyone is bridged on the conference call as they answer.  Instant and simple communication when you need it most!

Getting Started
As an EPS client you can start using your ZipBridge service for free as soon as you signup at the link below.  No credit card is needed and we will be in touch as the trial winds down to see if you want to continue and under what plan and payment method.

Using ZipBridge
Any authorized individual can launch a call by logging into ZipBridge from a smartphone, tablet or computer, selecting the Group and launching the call.  We will call the account owner and the others at two different numbers and everyone should be on the bridge within 30 seconds!  

Pricing is very simple and mainly varies based on the number of free minutes as follows:

$249/year – 250 free minutes/month *
$499/year – 1,000 free minutes/month
$999/year – 4,000 free minutes/month

*  This is the most popular plan for incident management

The Free Trial is for 30 days of the $249 Plan, so that will be the default when you signup, you can pick your actual plan when/if you decide to continue



ZipBridge 2-Minute Overview:

Launching a ZipBridge Call from your Smartphone:

Tap the App



Select the Group


Launch the Call