Thank you for considering ZipBridge’s Emerg-A-Call service – the new way to alert the team of an emergency and bring them together on a conference call at the same time. We are happy to be able to offer Innovative Recycling clients a significant discount on the service.  

Emerg-A-Call Details
This service provides you with a dedicated emergency phone number to list on your shipping manifests.  When the number is dialed, the caller is placed on hold and a designated Group of individuals are called on up to two numbers each.  As the people answer they are conferenced in with each other and the original caller.  If they miss the call they receive a text message and / or email with instructions on how to call in later.

Setting up Emerg-A-Call
You will receive an email with your order with instructions on setting up your Emerg-A-Call service.  Simply log in and create a Group and then add the contact information for the Members of the Group you would want called in the case of an emergency.  You can log back in and change this information at anytime.  Innovative Recycling will be able to help you with this process.

The cost of the service is normally $249 per year however Innovative Recycling has negotiated a discount for its clients bringing the price to just $99 per year.  That is not an introductory offer, this is the rate as long as you are an Innovative client.

The plan comes with 250 free minutes per month and If you happen to go over that amount the cost is just 9 cents / minute.