ZipBridge is a unique conference calling service that truly comes alive when demo’d to a client.The goal in any demo would be to ask questions to uncover a potential need, then…:

  1. show the application – including a test call to their number(s)
  2. have the client setup a free trial account,
  3. set the application up on his smartphone so he can test and share with other people at his company.

It is recommended to follow these basic steps.

Questions for the client vary if it is a prospect using the service for Incident Management or someone using it for commercial applications. However a few areas of discovery are listed below and of course we recommend reviewing the ZipBridge website especially the video below and the Pricing and FAQ pages.

Business Continuity
Do you have a Mass Notification service to send out a bulk message to constituents or assemble an EOC? What needs to happen before that Notification is sent or the EOC assembled? How is that initial communication facilitated? Do things happen that are urgent and need to be resolved by a core team even if the Mass Notification or EOC is never deployed? How are those calls facilitated? Would it be helpful to be able to be able to get any incident management or response team on a call in seconds?

ZipBridge instant outbound conference calling solves for the gaps in communication, enabling the team to talk real-time on a phone call in a matter of seconds. Successful incident management requires simple, easy and ubiquitous communication and ZipBridge makes that happen when seconds count.

Commercial Applications
Do you have calls with the same people on a regular basis. Are they remote and/or mobile and possibly driving? Do those calls normally start promptly or do people stagger in?  Do you need to bring people together for an unplanned or impromptu call? Would it be helpful to send them a text to alert of the upcoming call, then launch the call and get everyone on a call in seconds? Would it be helpful if people could recognize an urgent call versus a routine call based on the CallerID that is displayed?  

With ZipBridge the manager, owner or executive can get any team on the phone in seconds. No one needs to look up a PIN or dial and drive, just answer the phone. Great for routine calls with a remote and mobile team or impromptu calls with any group as needed. Can launch the calls from a smartphone, tablet or computer or by calling a dedicated phone number. CallerID of the incoming call identifies it as an important call.

How to Demo ZipBridge Remotely
The best way to demo ZipBridge remotely is to set it up so it looks like you are showing it on a smartphone and to have a screen sharing program to then share that view.  Follow these steps below.

ZipBridge Demo
To show ZipBridge like you are showing it from a smartphone you need to create an Application Shortcut and this can only be done with the Chrome browser. Follow these simple steps.

  • If necessary, download the Chrome browser from
  • Open Crome and go to (no www in front)
  • Click on the menu bars in the upper right of the Chrome browser
  • Select Tools, then Application Shortcut
  • Save it to your desktop – use this new icon to demo ZipBridge remotely
  • Size the shortcut so it looks about the size of a smartphone
  • Remember your login credentials to your demo account 

Screen Sharing
Part of the remote demo is to share your screen with the above application shortcut. If you do not already have a program, we recommend a free service from To use it the first time, go to, click Start Meeting. Run the downloaded file and in future you can run from your desktop. After run it, click Share and a 9-digit code will display. (Ignore all the requests to upgrade to the paid version.) Instruct your client to go to, enter the 9 digit code under “Join Meeting” and click the arrow to join. Try it once or twice to test before your first demo or client call.

Setting up the App on Client’s smartphone
The ZipBridge app is web-based so there is nothing to download from the app store or elsewhere. It is important to setup the app icon on their phones so they can easily use it and share it with others in their company. Just follow the steps outlined in our FAQ section here for the iPhone or here for the Android. Note they can also log into the service at for desktop access which is easier when setting up Groups.

Final Steps
Once you get your client interested in the service, have them go to your Landing Page to place an order for a free trial. Use the Agent Form to let us know about the order and any special information. We will followup with you towards the end of the trial to confirm the client wants to proceed and under what plan or combination of plans. We will then invoice the client accordingly and they can pay by check or online.

ZipBridge 3-Minute Overview:

Launching a ZipBridge Call from your Smartphone:

Tap the App


Select the Group


Launch the Call or SMS