Business Contingency Group (BCG) a leading expert in emergency management, planning, business continuity and disaster planning has become an agent for ZipBridge’s instant outbound conference calling service.  BCG’s impressive roster of business and government clients turn to them to prepare them for the worst.  Communication is a large part of those preparation and recovery plans and now BCG can offer a solution.

ZipBridge was originally designed for the emergency response market and is an outbound conference calling service that can be launched from a computer, tablet or smartphone.  When the call is launched a group is called and placed on the conference bridge as they answer.  With ZipBridge there is no delay in getting the key members of the response team together at the outset and ongoing during an incident.  Just quick simple communications when needed most.

“We are excited to be able to recommend ZipBridge to our clients as part of their DR plans.  We always stress how important communications are in any incident and how those communications will be handled should be part of the plan.  Now with ZipBridge we can provide a solution to a very important part of any disaster plan.”  Lee Goldstein, Business Contingency Group President.

“ZipBridge is happy to be working with BCG to help them bring additional value to their client relationships in the form of an improved communication option they can make part of their DR plans.  BCG is a leader in the DR consulting space and ZipBridge is proud to have been selected by them as one of their recommended solutions.”  Leidy Smith, ZipBridge President

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