Unique Login PIN to Access ZipBridge

If you have multiple people accessing the ZipBridge App to launch emergency outbound conference calls and you want each to have separate credentials, now they can.  Big Talker plans now have an optional feature to force a separate PIN to login.  Just let us know you want to implement this feature and email us the […]

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New ZipBridge Feature – QuickCall

Our commitment at ZipBridge is to continue to innovate to enable instant team communications for emergency or unplanned situations. We are excited to announce a new feature on Communicator and Big Talker Plans that further delivers on that commitment – we call it QuickCall.  With this feature, users can launch a call to an Ad […]

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Case Study: How Delaware Valley University uses ZipBridge

We had the pleasure having a coffee with Cindy Transue, the Director of Public Safety at Delaware Valley University recently. Del Val has been using ZipBridge’s reverse outbound conference calling for several years and it was great to talk with Cindy about how they have been using ZipBridge.

The biggest use case is for […]

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Now you can SAY “JOIN” to Join a ZipBridge Call

We heard from many clients that pressing 1 to join a ZipBridge reverse conference call was sometimes difficult. With more people using wireless headphones and Bluetooth car audio, their phone was not always easily available.  But we needed some way to filter answering machines from joining a call, so we innovated and now in addition […]

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Exec Director of Campus Safety Talks About ZipBridge

We were pleased to receive the video below from Largo Consulting featuring Tom King the Executive Director of Campus Safety at Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. It was great to hear Tom talk about how ZipBridge addresses one of the most important issues in emergency response and that is timely […]

Campus Safety Best Product Awards

We are proud to have been selected as a runner-up in the 2018 Campus Safety Awards from Campus Safety Magazine. ZipBridge’s reverse outbound conference calling service was recognized as a leader in the Incident Management & Response Category for Communications Products. More information can be found at the link here.

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Use Custom Recordings to Create a ZipBridge Hotline

We just upgraded what you can do with custom ZipBridge recordings. Now in addition to being able to customize the main greeting people hear when they answer a ZipBridge reverse conference call from your account, you can customize the greeting staff hears when they call your ZipLaunch Number. This is a very powerful feature because […]

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Create a Group instantly from the ZipBridge Directory

Do you sometimes have the need to create a Group on the fly, depending on the situation and who is on call?  Now you can! We have re-configured the ZipBridge Directory to allow you to add multiple Members to a Group at the same time – just click the Members then scroll to the bottom […]

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ZipBridge Testimonial from SnapCab

SnapCab creates custom and beautiful panel systems for elevators and stand alone offices.  They are successful because they are passionate about efficient manufacturing and they have shown that commitment to continued process improvement by using ZipBridge for their sales and executive meetings. We knew SnapCab must be a ZipBridge fan as they kept […]

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ZipBridge and KingsBridge build a Bridge together

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with KingsBridge BCP.  Their Business Continuity Planning Software follows the same model as ZipBridge – Keep it Simple! KingsBridge is a customer driven organization and saw the benefit of adding a communication layer to its planning tool so when they rolled out their BEAM Directed Communication Module […]

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ZipBridge Presentation at the Hurricane Conference

We were priviledged to be invited to speak at the 2017 National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans.  The theme of our presentation was “Enabeling Instant Team Communications”  We included excerpts of the presentation below to illustrate how an emergency outbound conference calling service like ZipBridge can fill a major gap in your communications plan:

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This email footer says it well

We were exchanging emails with the Campus Security Director at a large university doing a trial the other day and the footer/signature in his email caught our eye because it pretty much summarized why schools and companies need ZipBridge in an emergency. When you have an incident or an impending event, and you need to […]

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ZipBridge featured in Campus Safety Magazine

We are proud to have partnered with Campus Safety Magazine in a recently published article. It is an excellent overview of how K-12 and Higher Ed institutions are forming incident response teams to quickly respond to any emergency and then using ZipBridge to get them all on an instant reverse conference call at the outset […]

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What is a Reverse Conference Call?

Recently, we had a client sign up who introduced us to a new term that accurately describes our services – Reverse Conference Calling.  We have always talked about ZipBridge as an outbound conference calling service because in our case, […]

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What You Should Know About ZipBridge’s Latest Partnership

In case you haven’t heard, ZipBridge is having a terrific year and our latest partnership with PalmCentrix has just taken things to the next level.

A couple of things you should know about PalmCentrix:

  • PalmCentrix is a business that connects security professionals, law enforcement, and individuals to mobile security solutions […]
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Effective Communication Needs to be Simple!

A recent conversation with a new client reminded us why ZipBridge exists…
This client (from a prestigious university) had a system to bring a response team of 20 individuals onto a conference call from their Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  It worked something like this – does any of this sound familiar?

  • At the start of a […]
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ZipBridge and Strategic BCP Celebrate 3 Years Together

Emergency planning and notification systems abound, but few address the Achilles Heel of incident response: communication at the outset of an incident to assess the situation and initiate the plan. Strategic BCP recognized the problem as an opportunity to improve their product so they embedded ZipBridge within ResilienceONE, their award-winning Business Continuity Risk Management software.

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ZipBridge partners with KeynectUp to Streamline Contact List Setup

We are excited about the new way to launch calls via a ZipLaunch Number and Launch Code from your Contacts which we covered in our prior Blog posting. Simple to setup, access and activate. But what if you have a bunch of potential people launching calls and a lot […]

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Launch ZipBridge calls from your Contacts

We are excited to announce a new feature that comes with having a ZipLaunch phone number*.   This feature allows you to launch ANY  ZipBridge Group when you call the ZipLaunch number.  Setup is easy:

  • Log into ZipBridge, Select a Group and Select Edit Group Settings
  • Enter any 3-digit number in the ZipLaunch Code field as outlined […]
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ZipBridge goes International

We are excited to announce a new feature with ZipBridge to allow seamless outbound international calling.  No more looking for the access number to use and paying expensive international origination charges.  Now you can have anyone in the world join a ZipBridge conference call by simply answering the phone and pressing 1 to join.  Hola! […]

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