Want to let the Group know to expect a Zip call in a few minutes?  Need to tell them you’re running late and will need to push back the expected call?  Want to communicate an update but don’t want to take the time to bring the team on a call?  You can do all that now with ZipBridge Group SMS.  Just pull up a Group, select “Send SMS” compose the message and press send.

Pretty simple – and fast.  No separate data to maintain or search for – use the information you already have in ZipBridge to send out the message you compose.  Keep in mind, this is intended as a broadcast service.  The text messages sent via the Group SMS all come from a central ZipBridge controlled number so the recipients CANNOT REPLY to the messages.

The ZipBridge Group SMS capability is available as a free feature on Communicator and Big Talker Plans.  For more information on pricing, click here.