By popular demand, you can now create a custom greeting if subscribed for a ZipBridge Communicator or Big Talker Plan. Now the greeting can give information about the purpose of the call as well as instructing them to Press 1 to join. This is handy if Members might be part of Groups on different Accounts or not recognize the number calling them. Add clarity and value by changing the greeting to something like “You are being called as a Member of the Emergency Response Team for XYZ Company…”

The custom greeting is set at the Account level and all the Groups in your Account will hear the same custom greeting, however you can call in and change the greeting as often as you like. If you have a Responder or Communicator Plan but have an interest in this feature, contact to discuss an upgrade.


To record your custom greeting, call (469) 249-3771 and follow the instructions. You will need the PIN number on your account to log in. You can find your PIN under Settings on your account, or in the SMS or Email when you miss a call.

If you ever want to remove your greeting and go back to the default that is easy too. Just call in and record a new greeting, delete it and the default greeting will be restored.  Any other ideas? Let us know – we’re listening!