In 2016, urgent crisis communication calls should not be as complicated as they are.  While most medium-large businesses have some emergency response solution or plan in place, most do not have a simple and seamless manner to put the plan into action.  Instead they rely on the old-school conference call or email to let the core team know about the issue – and waste precious time while they try to loop in all the decision makers while the incident unfolds.

Comparing ZipBridge’s critical communication service to standard conference calls:

With ZipBridge, the involved parties do not need advance knowledge of the call.  ZipBridge accomplishes this by calling out to the participants.  This makes ZipBridge perfect for impromptu or emergency calls that are by definition not scheduled and therefore not on anyone’s calendar.  Team members can set a custom ringtone for ZipBridge calls to alert them that this is a call they need to answer thus improving team participation.  Standard conference calls require the participants to be aware of the call – which means reading the email or text – so they can take the proactive step of calling in.

  • For a normal conference call, the attendee needs to look up the dial-in number and PIN to be able to join. This requires access to their calendar, email or text where the information was posted.  With ZipBridge this is a non-issue; we call the participant.  There is no delay or friction with an extra step for them to join… Just answer the phone!
  • Setting up standard conference calls takes time. The process can be frustrating and take multiple attempts to get everybody in successfully. It can be rife with errors if the digits are not written down or entered correctly – and can be dangerous if the person is tempted to do it while driving.  ZipBridge eliminates all this by calling the participant.  They simply answer, press 1, and are on the call – quick, easy, safe and effective.


A few of the many examples where you may need to ZipBridge a call:

  • Colleges utilize ZipBridge to decrease the time it takes to connect stakeholders and executives on the line for emergencies and crisis communications. Before ZipBridge, we used a traditional phone bridge, and it took 3-4 minutes to get everyone on the phone after we sent out text messages and emails about an emergency phone call starting.” – Gordon College
  • Internet, power, cyber and physical security breaches at your company will require multiple decision makers to interact immediately. Time for ZipBridge’s emergency communication solutions!
  • Floods, leaks and impending weather all require the need to get a key group of people on the phone immediately. By having ZipBridge, they all will receive notification so that the one’s on call can respond immediately.

The result with ZipBridge and standard Conference calling is the same: People collaborating on a conference bridge together. However, ZipBridge facilitates unscheduled calls better by eliminating the barriers and confusion to joining an urgent call. In conclusion, ZipBridge is the best choice for emergency response when quick, seamless, simple, and ubiquitous communication with the team is critical!

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