We were exchanging emails with the Campus Security Director at a large university doing a trial the other day and the footer/signature in his email caught our eye because it pretty much summarized why schools and companies need ZipBridge in an emergency. When you have an incident or an impending event, and you need to assemble the team to confer and confirm the response, email does not cut it as a means to get the team on an emergency conference call. Here’s how the Director phrased it in his email – emphasis in bold font his:

Emergencies and Critical Incidents:
Email is not a reliable method for communicating emergency needs or in a critical incident. Senders cannot be certain every email has been sent by their server, nor that it has been received by the addressee, nor that it will be seen within the time needed or expected. If you have an emergency need or critical incident, it is always wise to make initial contact by telephone…..Senior Director of Campus Safety and Emergency Management

Put another way, if you want to get a team on a call, don’t send them an email with a bridge and expect them to see it and join. If you want people on an emergency conference call, use ZipBridge. With ZipBridge’s instant reverse conference calling, any authorized member of the team can launch the call and everyone on the team receives a phone call with a custom ring tone and is on the bridge as they answer. Instant team communications when seconds and simplicity count the most!