We just upgraded what you can do with custom ZipBridge recordings. Now in addition to being able to customize the main greeting people hear when they answer a ZipBridge reverse conference call from your account, you can customize the greeting staff hears when they call your ZipLaunch Number. This is a very powerful feature because it allows you to create what is in effect a “ZipBridge Hotline”.

With a custom ZipLaunch recording, you can instruct callers to “Press 111 for Employee Health and Safety Emergencies, 222 for Facility Emergencies or 333 for Emergency IT Outages, etc. Once the option is selected, the person will be placed on hold while the response team for that area is called and bridged on an emergency conference call as they answer. What a powerful tool to get the right help on a call when needed!

For more information on setting up and using the ZipBridge Hotline feature click here.

Note, the ZipBridge recording feature is available on Communicator Plans and above.