As a school district or serving institution you need reliable, easy and ubiquitous communications in an emergency and ZipBridge in partnership with the Bucks County IU #22 has you covered. ZipBridge is the new way to host a conference call or send out a Group SMS. Any authorized individual can launch a call in an emergency – all the members of the group are called and bridged together in seconds as they answer.  No dial-in numbers or PIN’s, just instant communication when you need it most.

Using ZipBridge
You can launch a call with ZipBridge from your smartphone, tablet or computer, or by calling a dedicated “Zip Launch” phone number. Once launched, we call you and the others in the selected Group on two different phone numbers. If the member does not join the call we send a text and email with information on how to call in later. Use our Group SMS feature to announce the call or send an update.  Each account also has its own dial-in number and PIN that can be sent to participants to call in and join a call in process. 

Getting Started
You can start using your ZipBridge service for free using the custom signup link below. No credit card is needed and we will be in touch to determine what service configuration you want moving forward and provide you with an invoice to use to issue a PO and then pay by check. 

Pricing is very simple and can be viewed here.  ZipBridge has developed a promotional custom package in conjunction with the Bucks County IU #22 available for a limited time. This puts the power of ZipBridge in the hands of your key people and gives you the benefit of enterprise pricing with a free account, pooled minutes and discounted features and additional plans.

Please contact Kasey Kollar at the Bucks Intermediate Unit for more information.

Feel free to peruse the rest of the ZipBridge site but come back to this page to order.


ZipBridge 3-Minute Overview:

Launching a ZipBridge Call from your Smartphone

Tap the App


Select the Group


Launch the Call or SMS