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As a TouchTone client, you have already made an excellent choice for your data and communication needs and we would like to thank you for considering ZipBridge – the new way to conference call.  No sitting on hold waiting for the leader or people to join or looking up dial-in numbers and PIN’s – just answer the phone when it rings.  Launch the conference and within seconds everyone available will be bridged on the call! 

Getting Started
You can start using your ZipBridge service for free as soon as you signup at the link below. No credit card is needed and we will be in touch as the trial winds down to see if you want to continue and under what plan. 

Using ZipBridge|
When you are ready to launch a call, log into ZipBridge from your smartphone, tablet or computer and select the Group you want on the call. We will call you and the others on your cell first, then the “other” phone – just answer the line on which you want to talk.  Use our Group SMS feature to announce the call or send an update.  Need traditional inbound conference calling too?  No problem, each account has its own dial-in number and personal PIN that can be sent to participants to call in and join a call. 

Pricing is very simple and mainly varies based on the number of free minutes, Groups and Members and availability of certain features. 

group plans


The Free Trial is for the $249 Plan, so that will be the default when you signup, you can pick your actual plan when/if you decide to continue


Feel Free to peruse the rest of the ZipBridge site.  To receive the Free Trial either use the button above or enter “TouchTone” as the offer code if you signup from some other page.


ZipBridge 3-Minute Overview:

Launching a ZipBridge Call from your Smartphone:

Tap the App


Select the Group


Launch the Call or SMS