With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, Ray Fegley with the DVL Group knew he needed to be prepared for the worst.  The Franken-storm was sure to be wreaking havoc with the power and networks serving the high level data centers that DVL designs, installs and supports.  As the VP of Operations it is Ray’s job to be prepared so he had calls with his team in advance of the storm using his ZipBridge conference calling service.  They reviewed the possible scenarios and went over the Disaster Recovery plans they had pre-prepared for each site in the path.  They also determined that they would communicate via text message during and after the storm as they felt that low bandwidth tool would likely stay operational even if cell towers become overloaded with demand.

Well Sandy hit with all the fury that was expected and sure enough power was lost, network services were disconnected and generators and backup services were utilized.  Ray’s team attempted to text each other with updates and action plans, but there was a problem – the cell provider was not delivering text messages!  The good news is that Ray had a backup in ZipBridge.  He simply launched instant outbound conference calls to his group with his ZipBridge service and they were called on two different numbers and placed on a conference bridge as they answered.  Not only could Ray’s team communicate with ZipBridge during the storm, they could do so in a real-time two-way manner not possible with text messaging and therefore take action based on more robust interaction with colleagues.

“We have been using ZipBridge outbound conference calling as a more convenient way to bring the team together for operational calls, but we were sure glad we had it as a backup for our original communication plans when Sandy hit.  ZipBridge worked flawlessly and it’s good to know we have another tool in our DR/BC toolbox to help when time and communication are critical.”  – Ray Fegley  DVL Group, VP of Operations

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