ZipBridge is helping Livevol communicate with clients and reinforce their position as a technology innovator at the same time.  Livevol provides an information and trading platform that offers realtime streaming of quotes, data and access to trading in a very advanced yet user friendly format.  Clients select Livevol because their products are technically advanced but simple to use – and Livevol uses ZipBridge for the same reason.

“With ZipBridge I set a time and I tell the group to expect my call.  No need to email out a dial-in number and PIN and have the client take the extra steps to join just another conference call.  At the designated time I launch the call, ZipBridge calls the client and they almost always join with a comment like, hey what is this cool conference service you’re using?  What better way to set the stage to see us as a user-friendly technology innovator!”  And besides being a great tool to position Livevol, ZipBridge outbound conference calling is just a great way to have a conference call.  Ordinarily I have to call out and remind people to join or someone can’t find the PIN so for various reasons people are always joining late.  With ZipBridge the call starts on time and is easier and more efficient for all the participants”  Izzy Santiago, VP Institutional Sales at LiveVol.

Once the deal is closed Izzy can keep the Group active for future calls to be launched the same way, making communications easy and continually positioning Livevol as the technical innovator in what is otherwise a very crowded space.

About Livevol
Livevol, Inc., the leading provider of equity options technologies and services. Livevol simplifies the trading process by helping traders identify and visualize opportunities, evaluate the risk and reward, and then quickly execute the trade.  Livevol allows traders to manage the entire trading work flow from pre-trade and post-trade analysis to trade execution, risk, and portfolio management. For more information on Livevol click here.