ZipBridge is proud to now be working with Emergency Planning Solutions (EPS) a leading consulting firm specializing in designing, documenting and practicing emergency response procedures. EPS has focused their services on the Higher Education community which is how we “met” each other having several clients in common. Bob McKibben from EPS could see the benefits of ZipBridge’s outbound conference calling in enhancing communications for his clients at the outset of and ongoing during an emergency.

“One of the challenges our clients have is getting input from the key response personnel at the outset of an emergency, before the EOC is organized and the mass notifications are launched. They need to all talk and confirm what is actually happening and decide next steps. ZipBridge facilitates that communication saving precious time and allowing for better, more informed decisions.” Bob McKibben, EPS, Chief Operations Officer

“ZipBridge started in response to a challenge from a college that needed a better way for the response team to communicate when they had a shooter on campus. It is rewarding to now be associated with one of the top emergency preparedness consulting companies in Higher Ed and we look forward to a long relationship with EPS.” Leidy Smith, President ZipBridge

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