By popular demand, we have rolled out a new feature today called Zip Launch. It allows anyone to launch a conference call to a designated Group by dialing a specific phone number. Just dial the Zip Launch number, press 1 to confirm, and the first Group alphabetically in your account is called and bridged with the original caller as they answer. Everything else about it works just like a Group launched online including the ability to customize the outbound CallerID.

You can add this feature to any ZipBridge Plan by ordering a Zip Launch phone number for $99/year. Because we want Zip Launch to be simple without any extra PIN numbers, it can only call the first Group alphabetically in your account. The best way to get your Zip Launch Group to the top is to simply add AA in front of the name.

We have created a new Plan around this feature for companies that want a way for an associate to call a phone number in an emergency and be immediately connected with a designated team to report the incident and make plans for a response. We call this the Emerg-A-Call Plan and it comes with a Zip Launch phone number and capacity to store and call a single 10 member Group.

More information on the new Zip Launch feature and Emerg-A-Call Plan can be found here.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact ZipBridge if you have any questions.