Fundamental Labor Strategies, Inc. (FLS) provides short-term and long-term outsourced commercial truck drivers, matching clients and drivers on a daily basis. Because of the heavy operational emphasis, it is important that the key stakeholders are up to date each morning. FLS uses a morning conference call to make this happen. Often, team members are mobile, but FLS didn’t want them to have to call into a conference bridge. It can be cumbersome and could be dangerous for people on the road – plus it is expensive!

Until FLS was introduced to ZipBridge, each morning, their Operations Manager would call each team member individually and add them to the call manually as they answered. It was manageable as there were only five participants – and it was free using the office’s unlimited local and long distance service. However, the process was cumbersome and was an inefficient use of time for each participant as the call was setup.

Now with ZipBridge outbound conference calling, the Operations Manager launches the call with a few clicks and everyone is connected in about 15 seconds. The call happens safely and easily for the participants, the details for the day are covered and all the participants can get on with their work. All of which makes ZipBridge a “Fundamentally” excellent choice for FLS!

“We find the ZipBridge technology valuable for our Operations Group and it may have value for the rest of the organization in the future. While it represents a new expense for us, it is more than offset by the increased productivity. Adopting ZipBridge is consistent with our philosophy of using technology to increase productivity whenever it makes sense”.   Kathy Krueger, General Manager. Fundamental Labor Strategies, Inc.

More information on FLS can be found here.