ZipBridge and AMG Alerts announced a new strategic partnership allowing AMG Alerts clients to use the ZipBridge outbound conference calling service from within the AMG Alerts mass notification service.

By using this new integration, AMG Alerts administrators can now launch an outbound conference call for a group just like they could already send them an email, text message or voice message. When an AMG Alerts administrator selects the private labeled conference calling option, all the members of the group are called on two different numbers and bridged on a conference call as they answer.

This integration adds a whole new layer of communication for AMG Alerts clients, enabling real-time two way dialog for key management personnel or responders when time, simplicity and communication are all critical.

“We have been receiving inquiries about adding an outbound conference calling capability to our service and are happy to be able to work with ZipBridge to quickly and easily deploy this new service to our customers. Thus far the response has been excellent and we are looking forward to using this new feature to further differentiate our service offering. “Dave Burr, COO of AMG Teleran, parent of AMG Alerts.

“We are proud to be working with AMG Alerts in helping them deploy a private labeled version of ZipBridge to their clients. ZipBridge was designed to facilitate simple and instant communications during an urgent incident and by integrating with AMG Alerts that simplicity is taken one step further by connecting to the contact information stored within the AMG Alerts application. We look forward to supporting AMG Alerts in offering a new layer of communication to their clients” Leidy Smith, President of ZipBridge

About AMG Alerts
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