We are excited to announce a new feature with ZipBridge to allow seamless outbound international calling.  No more looking for the access number to use and paying expensive international origination charges.  Now you can have anyone in the world join a ZipBridge conference call by simply answering the phone and pressing 1 to join.  Hola!   This new capability is possible with our partnership with TouchTone Communications.  You can already make calls to Canada, this is for calling that normally starts with 011 from the US.

Here’s how it works:

  • Email support@zipbridge.net to let us know you want to make international calls.
  • We will assign a secure PIN to your account and register it with TouchTone for billing
  • You will need to setup a direct billing account with TouchTone for the usage
  • You enter phone numbers to call just like you would from the US – starting with 011

So your member records that receive international calls will look like this:

 screen shot


That’s it.  When the calls are placed to the international location we will append the PIN and you will receive a separate bill from TouchTone for those calls (at very attractive rates).

Contact support@zipbridge.net for more information!