We are excited to announce a new feature that comes with having a ZipLaunch phone number*.   This feature allows you to launch ANY  ZipBridge Group when you call the ZipLaunch number.  Setup is easy:

  • Log into ZipBridge, Select a Group and Select Edit Group Settings
  • Enter any 3-digit number in the ZipLaunch Code field as outlined below:

ZipLaunch Code Screen

Now when someone calls the ZipLaunch number, they simply enter the 3-digit code to launch the associated Group and wait on the line to join the call.

But wait it gets better!

With this feature you can now launch ZipBridge calls from your phone’s Contacts!  Just enter a ZipLaunch entry for each Group and add a Pause** after the ZipLaunch number followed by the ZipLaunch Code.  It will look like this:

ZB in Contacts3


How great is that?  Now every authorized individual can launch a call right from their Contacts for any Group.  They don’t even need a Smart Phone or need to log into the web-based app or computer.

If you have questions or would like to add a ZipLaunch number to your account for $99 per year, just send an email to Support@ZipBridge.net.  For more information on the ZipLaunch feature click here.


* This feature is available on all ZB plans with a ZipLaunch number except Emerg-A-Call. That plan continues to launch calls to a single Group by calling in and pressing 1.

** To add a Pause to the dialing string with an iPhone, press the [+*#] Key when entering the number then select Pause. Repeat two more times to add enough of a Pause.  With an Android, change the entry to text and select a comma.