Emergency planning and notification systems abound, but few address the Achilles Heel of incident response: communication at the outset of an incident to assess the situation and initiate the plan. Strategic BCP recognized the problem as an opportunity to improve their product so they embedded ZipBridge within ResilienceONE, their award-winning Business Continuity Risk Management software.


By connecting to the ZipBridge platform, Strategic BCP allows clients to launch an instant outbound conference call for any group or response team in ResilienceONE. One click and everyone on the team receives a call and are conferenced together to debrief and plan next steps. According to Strategic BCP’s CEO Frank Perlmutter, “It was simple, we added a button to the application to conference the team, we post the phone numbers to the ZipBridge API and they take care of the rest. The response from our clients has been fantastic.”

Strategic BCP has just renewed with ZipBridge for its 4th year because of the value its clients derive from the service. They are already maintaining groups and contact information within ResilienceONE, connecting to ZipBridge enables the next logical step to enable an instant conference call with those groups at the outset or during an incident. Just another innovation from another innovation from Strategic BCP, named leaders by Gartner two consecutive years.

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