A recent post from one of our partners, Alternative Resiliency Services Corp., reminded us of one of the most overlooked advantages of ZipBridge that warrants addressing – Conference Call Security. While it’s possible that nobody is infiltrating your confidential telephone meetings, it’s far from a guarantee.


Are you properly controlling the people on your conference calls?  

One of the problems with traditional conference calls is anyone with the dial-in and PIN can join. Unintended guests can include competitors, investors, former employees and anybody else with a vested interest in your operations.

  • Considering that those call credentials have been emailed out dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of times, how secure is that conference call?
  • Does your staff even know how to change their user codes? Do they pay attention to who joins a call?  Probably not.  

Our intentions are not to come off sounding pessimistic. We want to help! Our goal is to shed light on realistic circumstances that could be the onset of a major issue within businesses of any size.

With ZipBridge’s secure emergency communication services, call infiltration is not an issue.  Only those who we call out to as part of the group are even aware of the call. Those are the only members who can join without a PIN.  If someone happens to know about the call, they can join if they know the PIN, but they are announced with a tone, and the PIN can be changed for every call with a single click if necessary.


ZipBridge helps you lock down your instant conference calls so that only the intended audience can attend.  These instant team calls can range from an impromptu manager meeting to an emergency response situation. Whether you are using your work phone, home phone or a mobile phone, conference call security is critical when protecting delicate information from leaking. We have re-engineered the outbound automation technology to offer the most unique, secure emergency conference call tool in town.

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  • For a step-by-step walkthrough on how to get started, click here.