In case you haven’t heard, ZipBridge is having a terrific year and our latest partnership with PalmCentrix has just taken things to the next level.

A couple of things you should know about PalmCentrix:

  • PalmCentrix is a business that connects security professionals, law enforcement, and individuals to mobile security solutions that can be controlled from the palm of your hand.
  • Their CEO, Bernard D. Gollotti, CPP, is a Philadelphia native who specializes in physical security, security tech, mobile tech, social media, and business operations. Bernard (or Ben for short) is a proud ASIS International Board Certified Security Professional with the designation of Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with over thirty years of experience across multiple verticals and disciplines.
  • PalmCentrix offers mobile security technology vetting services, as well as beta testing, quality assurance, marketing, professional consulting, business development services, and many other specialized business solutions.

Why work together? As our product becomes more and more well-known in the security market, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help so many businesses and organizations implement emergency communication solutions. By allowing PalmCentrix to utilize ZipBridge, schools, businesses, and places of worship will now be equipped with instant conference call capabilities to facilitate effective respondence during emergencies.

The goal of ZipBridge and PalmCentrix is to provide safety to people in need. Now that we’ve teamed up, our reach has expanded exponentially. Awareness must be raised about the benefits of emergency response solutions.

Proactivity is key. Businesses of all sizes experience time-sensitive issues on a regular basis. Whether it be an internet outage, impromptu meeting, or catastrophic disaster like a broken pipe or security breach, being prepared is half the battle.

Similarly to ZipBridge, PalmCentrix realizes how important it is to put your customers’ safety and satisfaction atop the priority list.

To learn more about ZipBridge’s emergency communication services and the suite of solutions offered by PalmCentrix, visit and today! We love making new friends and meeting new people, and we cannot wait to talk to you about your security response needs today.