Recently, we had a client sign up who introduced us to a new term that accurately describes our services – Reverse Conference Calling.  We have always talked about ZipBridge as an outbound conference calling service because in our case, the bridge calls out to the participants so there is no delay or friction when connecting people to emergency conference calls.

Our customer said his old phone system had a feature that would call out to the participants and place them on a bridge, the reverse of the standard conference call where people need to call in to join – and is exactly what ZipBridge does.  So a reverse conference call is a perfect descriptor of what we offer and something we were surprised we had not heard or used before.

It is also interesting that as these older corporate phone systems are being replaced with newer VOIP technology, features like reverse conference calling are being eliminated… But, fear not, ZipBridge has you covered!  

Image result for image for reverse direction

So we expect to use the term reverse conference call more here at ZipBridge, and we look forward to providing an improved user experience for anyone who might be losing that feature with their phone system upgrades.  Because not only do we provide the reverse conference calling feature, we try a second number and send email and SMS alerts if you miss the call.  And, perhaps most importantly, we keep working even if your phone system is down!

Some other advantages of using ZipBridge’s technology are increased phone call security, quicker connection, and a ZipLaunch number that makes the system even simpler to use.  To learn more, call us at 46-249-3770 or click HERE to sign up for an account today.